Harbor House Seafood was incorporated in 1985 by partners Mark Bryan and Gary Colbourne.  Both individuals were born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, went to school together and later started working on the water together.  In 1985 they purchased the existing business from Gary's brother and the rest is history.  At the time they started the business there was only a small retail store operation selling to our local customers.  They expanded the business and now have a fleet of their own trucks delivering to the Mid-West, West coast and East coast daily along with daily air shipments, employing offices on both coasts to sell their product.  A retail sales store is still maintained on the premises, and provides numerous products to local customers and also provides shipments of seafood all over the United States
      Harbor House Seafood boasts an oyster packing facility on site and a 17,000 sq ft warehouse where fish is special cut daily for delivery to customers, and also is a facility for housing lobsters and crabmeat.  In October 2007 we acquired a second facility in NJ which is situated directly on the Delaware Bay and has its own fleet of boats.  This allows us to provide more products to our customers.  In addition we are HACCP approved.
      Harbor House Seafood, Inc uses the vast resources of the bay and our fleet of boats to harvest products from public beds in season and our own private beds whereby products from public beds are available 12 months a year.  We offer clams, oysters, crabs and all types of local fish to our customers on both coasts.  We have our own brand ""Chesapeake's Best Brand" of oysters, clams blue crab, fresh fish and local crab meat.  Harbor House is also a direct importer of our own brand of Indonesian crabmeat (Portunus Pelagicu) species.
      At Harbor house our main goal is o promote the confidence of our product.  The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in North America.  An estuary is a semi enclosed body of water where an ocean or sea joins with a river or other source of water.  Oceans are full of salt water, while rivers flow with fresh water, the two meeting in an estuary such as the Chesapeake Bay blend into a measurable mixture of mildly salty water called brackish water.  The Chesapeake Bay is 185 miles long and ranges from 3-22 miles in width.  The average depth is 21 feet, but it reaches 174 feet at the deepest spot.  Harbor House's Chesapeake Best Brand Oysters and clams are harvested from the deepest parts of the bay.  Years of experience and proper handling are the final determining factors contributing to a promotional product.